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Zapya for Android and iPhone: Hello Friends. Do you ever hear about the word Zapya? If not check out this article to have an idea about the Zapya for Android and iPhone. It is the most popular free file transfer App. And this app is compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. With the help of Zapya, we can transfer the files within seconds. We can transfer the files between one device to another device up to 5MB and up to 120 images in a minute. It is an alternative of the AirDrop and as well as we can transfer the files and the other images up to five devices. With the help of Zapya, we can transfer the limitless files. And therefore it is easy to have the Zapya on your Android and iOS devices.

Zapya for Android and iPhone

The latest version of the Zapya is available from the below links. Check out the below data and download the Zapya for Android and iOS. Many file transfer applications are available on the internet, and today we can download any of the apps and make use of it. But the most important thing is that we have to download the Apps that are free from the malware. And this App has become popular these days because this has got lots of Google Play Store. It is not only available for the Android devices but also for the iOS devices.

Zapya for Android and iPhone

This Zapya App is designed for the sharing the files between various devices. And especially this App was designed for by taking some considerations such as it is popular among the users. The first one is that the low connections and the second one are the bad internet connections. Therefore they produced this App so that the users would not face any difficulties in sharing the files. We can share the files, images, Apps and as well as the games, etc. using the Zapya Application. One of the best features of the Zapya for Android and iPhone is that we can transfer the files from one device to the other device irrespective of the platform.

Zapya for Android and iPhone

It makes easy to share the files without the need of any data cables, backup files, etc from your phone or laptop or Mac devices. Hence we can use the Zapya App for different devices. It is important to use the limited storage space, and some of the applications take more space. But coming to the Zapya, it is different in sharing the files from your mobile to any of the platforms like Android, iPhone or iPad, Windows Phone, etc. But Zapya delivers pretty interface with good features and colors.

Cool Features of Zapya Application | Zapya for Android and iPhone

Here is the list of the excellent features of the Zapya App. Zapya is famous for its wonderful features and it is the most widely used app for the Android and iOS devices.

Zapya for Android and iPhone

  • Wireless Sharing: We can share a lot of files from mobile to mobile or from the other platforms without using any cables.
  • With the help of the Zapya, we can not only share the files between friends but also we can share for a group of people simultaneously i.e., up to five.
  • Users can backup and as well as transfer the messages, Contacts, and various Applications from one mobile to the other mobile.
  • It offers the high-speed file transfer compared to the other Apps like Bluetooth, AirDrop, and NFC
  • There is a possibility of transferring the files from one device to the other device for sharing any type of files like PDF, Music, Images, Apps and as well as the videos.

How to install Zapya for Android and iOS

Step 1: First of all download the Zapya Apk from the official link.

In Step 2: The file starts downloading mean while navigate to the Settings >>> Security >>> Unknown Sources.

Step 3: In the settings folder grant the permission for the unknown Applications.

For Step 4: Now open the downloaded APk on your mobile.

Step 5: Check out all the permissions and then click on the install button.

Zapya for Android and iPhone

In Step 6: It takes a few seconds to complete the installation.

Step 7: You need to wait till the process completes and once it is done start using this Application.

Best Way to Download Zapya App for Android and iOS

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