Fake GPS Pokemon Go without Walking/Moving Android/iOS/iPad/iPhone

Fake GPS Pokemon Go – Hi, looking to play Pokemon Go game though it’s not available in your country officially? Yes. WE KNOW YOU!! Keeping in view your zeal to play Pokemon Go, here we are giving a good solution. But before getting solution, let me brief about Pokemon Go gaming application.

Pokemon Go takes you to the completely virtual world where Pokemon Kings the whole world. The game is built over the real world platform of Niantic. It gives you lot of entertainment for sure. You can download and install the gaming application on your Smartphone, iPhone, PC, Laptop, MacBook, and so on.

Moreover, Pokemon Go has been catching the attention of almost all game lovers across the globe. Developers of this specific game have set out Pokemon Go officially for US, Belgie, UK, Deutschland, Australia, Canada, France, Italia, Germany, as well as, New Zealand as of now. Pokemon Go Game is not available officially in India right now. But you can download its Apk and enjoy playing on your devices.

As your country doesn’t have Pokemon Go official release, you can go with Fake GPS Pokemon Go or else Pokemon Go without walking/moving over Android/iOS platforms. Because Pokemon Go is all about walking/moving to get Pokemon. Go through the post and get the way to play Pokemon Go Game without moving in Android/iOS using Fake Location. Also, Rooting or Jailbreak is mandatory.

Fake GPS Pokemon Go

Fake GPS Pokemon Go

It’s notable that you can play the game directly on your device which runs on Android OS at free of cost. Also, developers of Pokemon Go have been working to launch the game in other countries officially within no time. So get ready to download the game officially soon in your country. However, you may not wait till its official release. So we are giving Fake GPS trick to play the game on your Android/iOS device irrespective of Pokemon Go official availability.

Prior to play this particular game on your Android/iOS device using Fake GPS Pokemon Go Location, make sure whether your device meets the following requirements. Also, you have to download as well as install the below given requirements without any errors. Otherwise, your device may not support Fake GPS Location or Pokemon without walking/moving trick.

Requirements with respect to iOS platform

  • First, you need to download Cydia over your device which runs on iOS platform (jail broken) in order to make Fake GPS trick possible.
  • Open Cydia on your device and go to Sources and add this specific repo – ‘http://cokepokes.github.io/’.
  • Now, install Master Ball with the help of Search option.
  • After successful installation, restart your iOS device (iPhone/iPad).

Requirements with respect to Android platform

  • You have to root your Android device initially in order to make your own settings instead of following the rules set by manufacturer.
  • Then, download ‘Hide My Root’ application on your android device which is rooted successfully.

Fake GPS Pokemon Go

How to use Fake GPS trick to play Pokemon Go on your Android/iOS device?

Here’s a simple and neat procedure to utilize Fake GPS Pokemon Go trick to play the game unofficially on your Android/iOS device.

For iOS/Android

  • On your device, locate Cydia and add the repo under Sources – ‘http://www.williamlcobb.com/repo’.
  • Search for the ‘PokemonGoAnywhere’ in the given search bar.
  • Click on it to start the installation process.
  • Also, as per statements from developers of the game, you have to choose North facing for the tweak to run successfully.
  • After successful installation, the gaming application is ready on your Android/iOS device.

For Android Platform

  • On your Android device, go to Google Play Store application.
  • Download the Fake GPS location application by searching in the provided search bar.
  • Now, go for downloading Lucky Patcher Application. Then create Fake GPS as system application.
  • Install the Lucky Patcher application on your Android device.
  • On your Android device, locate the installed Fake GPS app and click on it to open. You can find several options over the app.
  • Now, select ‘Tools’ >> click on Move to System Application >> Tap ‘Yes’.
  • Restart your Android device now.
  • After restarting, enable ‘Export Mode’ option on the Fake GPS application.
  • Download PokemonGoAnywhere game and install it.
  • After successful installation, you can play Pokemon Go on your Android device.

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